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SLAM Trap 4 - Headed

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SLAM Trap 4 - Headed

** Attention Valued Customers,

In February 2012, we made a minor modification to our 4-headed SLAM Trap. The supporting frames of re-modeled traps are much stronger structurally. The netting part of the new trap, however, is almost identical to the old model. Please note this change before making purchases.

Of the same size as our large SLAM trap, this unique 4-headed SLAM trap is equipped with four collecting heads/bottles. Designed to distinguish insects intercepted from four directions, each collecting head opens from one of the four quadrants defined by the trap's cross baffle.

The 4-headed SLAM trap is made of fine Polyester fabric (96 x 26 mesh/square inch). It comes with one removable "moth excluder" (2 x 2 mesh/square inch) at each head to keep out unwanted large insects.

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