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Entomology and Ecology

From dissection to insects collection. We got you covered!

HB12 Insect Aspirator with Ø12 mm Pick-up Straw


Polyester Netting DC0900-5WU (Off-white, 108x32 mesh, 1 yard)


Polyester Netting DC0901-B (black, 96x26 mesh, 1 yard)


B6 Insect Aspirator with Ø6 mm Pick-up Straw -BA3001


Two Larval Tray (L35 x W26 x H4.5 cm)


Two Featherweight Forceps


Polyester Netting DC0901-W (white, 96x26 mesh, 1 yard)


Dissection Set, Economy, 7 Pcs - Stainless Steel - Leather Storage Case


6 units of Hardwood Insect Pinning Block, Contains 5 Holes with Different Heights for Pins


2-Units Bottom Sampling Net


2 units of Insect Collecting Net with Aluminium Handle, 30 Inch


Sweeping net

2 units of Sweeping Net for Vegetation and Insects - 10" Diameter w/ 36" Handle


Aquatic net

2 units of Aquatic Net


2 units of Fish and Butterfly Net


2 units of Plankton Collection Net, Vial & 2 Collection Bottles - 35" - Muslin


6 units of Wooden Entomology Pin Storage Block, 6 Holes for Various Pin Sizes, 3/8" Diameter Holes


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