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5-Units BugDorm-1 Model (DP1000B) For Insect Rearing Cage

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5-Units BugDorm-1 Model (DP1000B) For Insect Rearing Cage


With almost the same specifications as our all-time popular BugDorm-1 insect cage, this variation has a screen port (aka wire-screen donut lid that fits our pint-sized BugDorms) added to the pre-cut top panel for convenient use with a blood feeding apparatus.

BugDorm-1 insect cage is lightweight, but sturdy. When assembled, it supports weights as heavy as 90 kilos. When disassembled, one BugDorm-1 can pack into a box as small as L31 x W31 x H9 cm.


Dimensions: W30 x D30 x H30 cm
Net Weight: 1,150 grams
Main Material: Woven Mesh | Polypropylene
Mesh Size: 24 x 24 | 1,350 µm aperture
Clear Panel: Front, Top
Mesh Panel: Back, Right, Left
Opening: 1 x Front Sleeve

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